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Sample Persuasive Essay on School Uniforms

Many schools across the globe make wearing school uniforms a requirement for students. The culture, which was introduced in England in the 16th century, is still a highly debatable topic today. This is especially so in the United States. One camp believes that school uniforms are unnecessary while the other camp believes they are essential in every formal learning environment. If you've been asked to write a persuasive essay on school uniforms how will you proceed? Below is a sample persuasive essay on uniforms.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of using school uniforms even if many high schools in the United States don't like the concept of wearing uniforms. However, it is important to note that uniforms play a significant role in the school system. There are many benefits but we would be considering the top three benefits of uniforms in schools. It creates uniformity & emphasis discipline, eliminates clothing competition, and is affordable.

1. Creates Uniformity and Encourages Discipline

When every student in a school wears a uniform, there is a form of uniformity across members of various socioeconomic groups. It would be more difficult to make socioeconomic distinctions simply by observing the appearance of the students. It would be easier to reduce the barriers between the wealthy and poor or average students within a school. Apart from encouraging uniformity, uniforms also promote discipline among students. Each school has a unique code for wearing uniforms. It takes discipline to maintain this code. Since they are required to meet certain expectations, the discipline can be applied to other aspects of the student's life.

2. Eliminates Possible Peer Pressure Related Clothing Competition

Peer pressure is more prominent in high schools than in any other level of education. When children are made to wear school uniforms, the chances of clothing-related peer pressure will be eliminated. No one will be pressured into meeting the latest fashion trends in school. No one would go through extreme measures to purchase an expensive outfit or buy several outfits to avoid feeling inferior. With less peer pressure, students will be more likely to build meaningful relationships that are not based on fashion or popularity.

3. More Affordable to Wear Uniforms

With just 3 to 5 uniforms, you can go through an entire session without buying more. However, it's unlikely that any student will want to wear only 3 to 5 regular clothes throughout the session. The cost of buying a single branded outfit may be equal to what you'll use to buy two or even three school uniforms. While this doesn't mean that parents will stop buying clothes for their children, the pressure to buy expensive and trending clothes will reduce.

These are the three major benefits of uniforms in classrooms. Giving the students a professional look isn't the only benefit of uniforms.

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